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We offer:

  • 1,000 pound bails of unsorted, ungraded mixed used clothing
  • 100 pound bails of graded and sorted clothing: Grade A, B. C.

We ship 52,000 pounds of tropical weight clothing in a 40-foot high cube containers. And Tiara Trading LLC will assist with all shipping and documentation.

clients world wide put their trust in tiara trading

•Dominican Republic •Honduras •Himalayas
•Senegal, West Africa •Chile •United Kingdom
•Poland •Hungary •Romania
•Togo •Ghana •Haiti

border what are customers are saying

“I have been in the sorting business for 17 years and Tiara Trading is the only supplier that has visited my operation and taken me out to dinner.”    Customer, Dominican Republic

“The owners of Tiara Trading are people of their word. They are reliable, dependable and honest! Tiara is a name you can trust.”
Long-time customer, Honduras

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